Tuesday, March 24, 2020



Veterinary Services are Essential

Dear pet parents, groomers & referring veterinarians. 😽👩‍⚕️ We are happy to be able to continue caring for your fur babies and patients/clients during this stressful time. 😻🐶 

You will see this SIGN posted at our offices! Please call the phone number listed (at each location) and we will promptly assist you and your pet. 🐾📞

We appreciate your continued support and understating 👍Keeping everyone healthy & safe is our number ONE goal❗️

Have a beautiful day 🌼 and let us know if you have any questions. Our general, toll free number 877-604-8366 📱

(the Oakland CA office is closed for any refill pickups or appointments until April 6th. Dr. Hudec is providing telemedicine appointments out of our Walnut Creek CA office at this time)
Coronavirus/COVID-19 is a concerning topic for people everywhere, including pet parents. As your partner in caring for the overall health and wellness of your pets, we want to ensure you still have access to pet care   during this time. As a result, our facility remains open at this time to provide safe service to all.

Be assured that we have procedures in place addressing a variety of health and safety issues, and while we have always ensured the highest levels of cleanliness and sanitation, we have recently updated our health and safety guidelines in direct response to the emergence of the Coronavirus (COVID-19). These guidelines are based on guidance from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO).

These include updated hygiene practices, as provided by the CDC, that are good to follow in all seasons. Things like frequent and thorough hand washing, good coughing and sneezing  etiquette, and avoiding direct contact with others when you are sick. Our team members are being asked to stay home and take care of themselves if they, or their family members are ill. That's one way we can help minimize the spread of the illness for both pet parents and team members.

Please continue to schedule your appointments, as needed. However, if you are scheduled or need to schedule an appointment with our practice and are presenting symptoms of COVID-19, or are confirmed positive, please contact us so we can provide you options for your pet’s care.

Caring for our team members, our clients, and your pets is the cornerstone of our culture. And at this time, we'll need everyone's help to do that. We hope by working together, we can all do our part to help others to stay safe by using these best practices.

If you have any questions please feel free to call a Dermatology for Animals office or our toll free number 877-604-8366.  Thank you!


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