Monday, October 21, 2019

L.B. the allergy dog!

L.B. the allergy dog!

My retired racing greyhound came off the track with numerous health issues primarily stemming from untreated allergies. Since she had both food and environmental allergies, I put her on an elimination diet at the suggestion of our dermatologist, Dr. Newton.

The elimination diet was vital, giving much information on how to then proceed. Thanks to some very special Vets/Specialists my arsenal is large enough to address any new issues that come up while still maintaining the basics to keep her comfortable in her own skin.
The most important application in our arsenal is the "Allergy Vial" which was formulated after the allergy test results came back. My dear baby is no longer on all those allergy meds due to administering her "allergy vial" once to twice a day, under the tongue and it's done.

I know how vital the "allergy vial" applications are for the following reason. As the vial nears empty, the potency seems to lessen and her symptoms being returning..... itching, licking, watery eyes, etc. When the new allergy vial arrives and administered, those symptoms all cool down and she's comfortable again. It seems the only side effect administering the vial is a happy and comfortable girl in retirement. It's quite extraordinary.

Thank you Dr. Newton & your wonderful staff.  David E. and L.B.

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